I’m not dead…

Posted August 14, 2007 by treadmillknitter
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I’ve just been really busy! My oldest son is starting Kindergarten this year and there’s so much that needs to be done! I have remembered to save time for knitting though! I’m knitting a few special somethings for one of my best friends who is expecting her first girl this September! I can’t say what they are though because she’ll read this!


Weight Issues

Posted July 27, 2007 by treadmillknitter
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So when I named this blog I named it for losing weight AND knitting. So far I’ve only discussed the latter. I am a 4’11 woman who currently weighs 194lbs. I’m trying to get down to 130lbs. I was 224lbs though so I’m doing pretty good. I’m not doing any special diets just walking/exercising at home and watching how much I eat. I’m also making sure I get plenty of water in everyday and that I’m eating all my fruits and veggies. It’s not easy as I’m sure others know but I know it’s well worth it!

A birthday

Posted July 26, 2007 by treadmillknitter
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Sunday is my oldest son’s 5th birthday and I couldn’t be more excited. I have planned a few knits for his upcoming kindergarten year. He has to wear uniforms at his school and so no sweaters but I am making him a fish scarf, a scarf with his name on it, a few hats, and a coin pouch for lunch money. Anyone have any other ideas to make for him? Trent


Posted July 24, 2007 by treadmillknitter
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Hello All. This is my new blog. It’s definitely a work in progress but I plan on changing it over the next few days. Hopefully by next week it will be all spruced up. Until then be sure and check out the About page to find out a little more about me and also the Knitting Links page to check out other awesome sites!